Domestic Short Hair - Black and White

Medium • Young • Female • Cat

Despite her fragile state of health when FFF accepted her and her two sisters into our SOL Program., GYPSY beat the odds to become an active , curious, energetic and affectionate kitty. She is a fast learner and an independent, very self possessed cat, loving to explore and engage in games of chase with even the largest of her foster friends. She doesn't take any gruff from even our big foster Toms ! She needs to be indoor only , for her safety, and to have a large space to explore and make her domain. She could do well in a household with well supervised, gentle children or with almost any family. Because she is active and energetic, we recommend her household include another playful cat or possibly friendly dog. Her activity level would not be a good match for a quiet , sedate situation or a senior



Friends of the Formerly Friendless
Concord, CA
(925) 808-8364
Sally Morgan-Welch;
[email protected]

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*Now safe within the FFF foster family, this terrific trio will soon be ready for adoption upon spaying and medical release from our veterinarian. Their availability date will be posted soon on our websites

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