"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France

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Pink Panther.gif  Short On Luck (S.O.L.)

Short On Luck (S.O.L.)

Short On Luck


...is an emergency foster program for needy cats.

...working in cooperation with community rescue groups and Animal Services Departments.


will purr for food

A new phase of the Short on Luck Program was launched in February of 2004. The Safe Place component of the S. O. L. is being developed to provide a temporarily safe place for cats that are caught up in a domestic violence situation and/or at risk of violence from their environment. The concept is to provide a temporary sanctuary through a network of emergency foster homes.

We hope to work cooperatively with local law enforcement, Animal Services and battered women's organizations. If you would like to participate in this new and unique program, please contact us via our website or at (925) 808-8364. For more informaiton on current S.O.L. kitties, please visit our website at www.fffcatfriends.org.

If you would like to provide T.L.C. and shelter for a needy cat...



FFF at (925) 808-8364 or [email protected]


Our Featured S.O.L. Cat!

It started with a frantic phone call …

Olive in the car

Olive in the car.


Our tiny OLIVE came to us through FFF's SHORT ON LUCK Program (S.O.L). A concerned good Samaritan drove her up to our country foster home / Sanctuary from Fairfield.

Little OLIVE has stolen our hearts...and all who meet her. A stray but friendly and wary kitten, OLIVE has blossomed into an independent, possessive kitten. She has put on weight yet is still petite, and is FULL of energy.

Oliver hanging around

Ms Dooley and Olive
on laundry duty.

She is learning to. navigate in a large foster home. She has developed relationships with several of her young foster Brothers and. sisters. She has formed a close bond with her foster sister Ms DOOLEY. The two have become the terrors of the household with their acrobatic skills and climbing!

OLIVE likes to EXPLORE everything and takes no guff from her bigger foster friends. She can wrestle with the best of them.

Oliver, lounging around
Olive in her basket.

She is learning to ride in the car but is not a big fan of it yet. However, she likes the attention and new adventure once she gets there!

OLIVE has a whole new LIFE of adventures ahead. We will keep you abreast of OLIVE's saga!


If you would like to provide T.L.C. and shelter for a needy cat, or dog... Contact: Sally - (925) 808-8364 [email protected]


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