"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France

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pagetitle   FFF's Adoptable Pets

Welcome to our Adoptable Pets section. We hope you enjoy viewing our formerly, friendless critters. Should one of our critters catch your eye, please contact Sally at (925) 808-8364


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Mia, Missy and Rosie...

Featured Easter Trio


Missy is a sweet and affectionate young girl. She was rescued by a caring lady who found her shaking and starving in Walnut Creek. 

She is comfortable with friendly dogs, loves to explore, and likes to be petted and once she is comfortable with you, sit in your lap and give you a roaring purr of approval! However, if you try to get too friendly too fast, she will give you a little swat. Because of this, we don't recommend her for young children. 

enjoys active play. She is veryfastidious about herself and the catbox. She is easy to administer to and doesn't mind having her paws washed. 

Missy is now an indoor-only cat and will be fine with it. She likes to supervise you when you are on the computer!


Mia is a demure, shy but loving kitty. She would love to sit on your lap and be a special friend. She is quiet, gentle and would make a good companion for a quiet adult home. 

Although shy at our adoption site, with the right people, she will bloom once she is comfortable and secure in her new home. 

Mia is Baxter's mom.


Rosie is somewhat shy, but warms up to people when held and petted. She is loving, playful and gentle. She is vocal when called by her name. She adapts to the company of other cats but definite opinions about who she befriends. She loves to sit beside a person and sleeps on the bed.

Her diet consists mainly of UR Food dry food since there are other fosters that require it, however she does not need it for medical reasons. She does enjoy a bit of canned, wet food and tolerates most brands such as Wellness, Royal Kanin and Tiki foods.

If you would like to meet any of the animals listed on the FFF or Petfinder sites,

you can contact Sally.

         Ages of our cats and kittens are approximate and may reflect the age        
at which the cat entered F.F.F.'s Program, and/or based on our vet's best estimate.
F.F.F. makes every effort to update the ages of our cats periodically.

        When inquiring regarding one of our cats, please ask regarding the current age.     

Our critters are sorted alphabetically as follows:

To view more information about one of our pets,
just click that animal's "More In-fur-mation" link.

Our Adoption Site

Lafayette Pet Shoppe

Every FIRST AND THIRD SUNDAY FFF will be holding adoptions at the LAFAYETTE PET SHOPPE at 3517 Mount Diablo Blvd., (Google Map) between the hours of 1:30 - 4:30 . Come meet a few of our special FFF ambassadors for adoption and meet the nice people at the store. Petunia and I will be on hand to greet our new "neighbors" in Lafayette and surrounding areas. We hope to see some of our "regulars" drop in to this new "get acquainted site" for our expanding Mobile Adoptions Program (M.A.P.)

Lafayette Pet Shoppe also has a variety of small animal and rabbit cages, hutches and supplies. For more information on their boarding services, click the "Boarding" link on their website: www.lafayettepet.com.

F.F.F. Policies

Adopting a Friend

An interview, application and home visit is required, followed by a 5-7 day trial visit of the selected pet in the prospective adoptive home. At the end of the trial period, FFF will evaluate the trial visit and determine the suitability for adoption. If deemed necessary by FFF, a final home visit is required. An Animal Care Adoption Contract is required to be signed by the adopter and a legal FFF representative, upon final FFF approval. The adopter(s) must be of legal age to sign a legal contract.

FFF does NOT allow FFF animals to be given as gifts or adopted for third parties.

FFF would appreciate a contribution to help offset our veterinary costs which include:

  • Combo test for FeLV and FIV (feline leukemia and feline AIDS)
  • First FVRCP
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Pain medications for recovery
  • De-worming
  • Flea control
  • Microchip

Special circumstance adoptions are available for eligible adopters.


In an effort to provide our F.F.F. graduates, their families, and our dedicated F.F.F. fosters/staff with peace of mind, we have begun micro chipping all of our adoptees. This will provide a safety net for our formerly friendless felines that go on to their new homes.

F.F.F. is listed as the secondary contact in the event that an emergency or unforeseen circumstance causes them to be lost, stolen or strayed. This should make sure that our F.F.F. adoptees will always have a friend if they are in need and always be "formerly friendless".


Under special circumstances, we show our cats by appointments in the evenings during the work week. Availability of the cats or kittens for appointment depends on the availability of the foster and transportation arrangements. If you see a cat or kitten you are interested in on our website, contact Sally via our email or by phone to check on the availability of that cat or kitten for evening appointments.

Adoption Criteria

As a rule, F.F.F. does not offer kittens below twelve-to-fourteen weeks of age for adoption. All F.F.F. cats and kittens are combo tested for feline AIDS and feline Leukemia prior to adoption. Our veterinarians have advised us that the testing for these diseases is not accurate or dependable below twelve-to-fourteen weeks of age. Therefore, we will not release any cat or kitten for adoption until we can be assured of an accurate test result.

It is F.F.F.'s philosophy that we will not knowingly adopt any cat or kitten into your home that we wouldn't place in our own homes. We appreciate your understanding.

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