"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France

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Hearts to You

Cat n Dog

Once again we celebrate Valentine's Day and those we love and hold dear. We celebrate and recognize that LOVE comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are considering adding a new feline member to your, we will be glad to introduce you to our wonderful, "formerly friendless" feline friends. There is truly no substitute for the unconditional love the right loving kitty can bring to you and to your home. As with human relationships, matching the right kitty that will bond with you and your home, takes time and thought. For that reason, we do not encourage giving cats or pets for gifts. Rather we would encourage you to contact us to come and meet with the kitty(s) of your choice. Since this is one of the rare times in your life that you can choose your "family member(s)"! We are glad to help find just the right "match" for you and yours.

Red Pillow Cat

During this time of the year, we also want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that CHOCOLATE, and other edible and FLORAL tokens of Love, can be FATAL to pets. During this time of year, the danger of poisonings, especially by chocolate, is very high. Please make sure that all edible gifts and flowers are out of reach so that the LOVE they express does not turn into a tragedy.

WE would like to invite you to BRING YOUR SWEETHEART(S) to meet OUR SWEETHEARTS this VALENTINES' DAY WEEKEND. We will be there SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2015 at Lafayette Pet Shoppe, 1:30- 4:30. Drop by and meet our "sweeties" and grab a valentine snack, compliments of FFF and Petunia.



valentines kitty

Our Featured ...
Bekki, Pauline & Edward

Bekki, Whiskers and William

Bring Your Sweethearts
To Meet Our Sweetheats!

Bekki is a spayed, black and white tuxedo, female approximately 3 years old. Unfortunately, she is a one of many victims of animal abandonment. She was left behind in a local neighborhood. A concerned neighbor contacted FFFand we took her into our adoption program. Bekki begrudgingly tolerates other cats but is very people oriented and would do best as an only cat and someone's darling. She is hungry for affection and just blooms with human attention. She is a very melancholy girl seeking a loving, forever home.


Pauline, despite her small size is proofs that dynamite comes in small packages! She is full of energy, fearless, and packs quite an attitude. She holds her own and wrestles with her foster brothers who are twice her size. Pauline receives her name from a reference to “Perils of Pauline” an old silent film because she was found all alone on the side of Highway 80 in the dead of night by a vigilant driver.


Edward is a very serious but loving boy. If he were a person, he would definitely prefer “Edward" and not “Eddie". He is initially shy and a bit reclusive until he knows you ... but once he is assured, he will climb into your lap and give you giant "head butts” and licks. His large doe like eyes make him appear very melancholy, but his serious expression belies a generous and loving nature.
He tends to like to be sure in all situations, so can sometimes be a bit defensive around other cats. With the right person and patience, he will make a loyal and loving companion for some lucky person(s).

If you would like to meet any of the animals listed on the FFF or Petfinder sites,

you can contact Sally.

Fourth Cat Siamese 4th Cat

Our favorite Presidential Nominees are ...
George & Washington


George is a gray and black tabby, short hair with white boots and chest. He is a long legged fellow.

George is a curious but shy boy upon meeting. Once he is away from other cats, he warms to people readily. As a young cat, he was known to give " hugs" and suckle on your neck !


George should make a wonderful, loving kitty for some lucky person(s). He had a permanent scarring of his eye from an earlier infection or injury that does not affect his vision and is not painful. However, this does not affect his affectionate nature and is only cosmetic, according to our vet.


Washington is a gray and black tabby, short hair with white boots and is George's brother. Loves people like George, but a bit more independent. 

Washington is an active, curious and affectionate boy! He loves people, and attention, and to explore. He gets along well with other friendly cats and dogs...but is a "people guy" too. Would expect him to do well with a family but not with young children , as his exuberance and natural curiosity might lead to unscheduled adventures!

Talking Cat

F.F.F. NEWS...


F. F. F. has enrolled in the SAVE MART S.H.A.R.E.S. PROGRAM !

(Supporting Humanities, Arts, Recreation, Education, Sports)




With a swipe of each S.H.A.R.E.S. card issued at any participating supermarket , a portion of the qualified purchases will automatically be donated to FFF in the form of S.H.A.R.E.S. points.

The more points FFF earns, the more FFF earns.! Up to 3% of the qualified purchases made is credited to FFF's account with each swipe.

* (Some exclusions apply; purchases not eligible for points are: postage,gift cards, event tickets, ticket master,BART, lotto, fuel, check cashing fees, liquor discounts , charity icon sales, sales tax. S.H.A.R.E.S. cards cannot be combined with other discount cards i.e. gas cards.)


Just contact FFF and we can issue your S.H.A.R.E.S card .....FREE.

There is NO registering of your personal information, credit card,etc

You can start using your card immediately at the participating stores...

looking in

We will distribute cards at our adoption site on our adoption days...the FIRST and THIRD SUNDAYS at Lafayette Pet Shoppe AND/OR we issue them to you via the mail.
CONTACT Sally at (925) 808-8364.


LOOK for F.F.F. throughout the community for other distribution sites.

P.S. Save your shopping bag, your cat will love you for it! Free instant cat toy!



Petunia Says



PETUNIA, our FFF cat liaison and my kitty soul-mate, finally has her own column!



The idea for this column stemmed from comments my husband, and kitty Santa, made one day when PETUNIA seemed to be more in charge than we did...and we found ourselves" living on Petunia time "!

As he pointed out, PETUNIA has very definite ideas about things...and definitely has a mind of her own...and lets us know about things from a cat perspective. It just made sense to give her a chance to " educate" us humans about " all things CAT".

PETUNIA SAYS... will give us an opportunity to share and learn about a variety of topics that can benefit both human and kitty. She hopes to share information on kitty health issues, entertaining , enrichment, alternative medicine and vet care, emergency preparedness, problem solving and many more.

If you have a topic you would like for her to cover, please feel free to email her
in care of sally@fffcatfriends.org. Indicate " Petunia Says" in the subject box.

FFF, and PETUNIA hope that you enjoy this new resource. See her new page at
Petunia Says...


P.S.    PETUNIA sends her regards.

Nursing Kittens Petunia Says Mom

The Cat-alyst Society—Agents for Change

Alley Cat Allies Cat-alyst Society is a group of very special—and especially compassionate—Alley Cat Allies supporters. These are women and men and families who are so committed to protecting cats in every geographic location that they have committed to make a small donation each month to ensure that Alley Cat Allies has a stable, dependable source of funds.


Their friendship and support provide Alley Cat Allies with the resources we need to fight the shelter system’s needless “euthanasia”…answer calls to our National Cat Help Desk…and reach out to connect people all across the country who love cats and believe every animal has the right to live.
Because of their dedication, Alley Cat Allies has funds we can count on through good times and bad. Money that’s there month after month to meet emergency requests for help—like how to combat unexpected bans on feeding cats, or changes in local ordinances that result in trapping, impounding, and killing cats found outdoors.


These special supporters literally enable us to improve cats’ lives. And because they allow us to create positive change, we have named this special group of change agents “The Cat-alyst Society.”

There is one more important thing our Cat-alysts do for cats: because their regular donations are made by credit card or by automatic transmission of funds from their checking account, they reduce the money Alley Cat Allies must spend to process donations. Literally, they enable us to squeeze more benefit out of every dollar they contribute to protect the cats.


Won’t you join this special group of change agents for the cats?
Become a Cat-alyst today!

Benefits of Being a “Change Agent”

  • Your support enables Alley Cat Allies to devote more time and resources to saving the lives of cats
  • You’ll save time, postage, and checks when you make an automatic monthly or quarterly gift.
  • No postal delays—your donation will go to work immediately.
  • You’ll always have a record of your donation on your bank or credit card statement.
  • You can control your donations. You can cancel or change the amount of your donation at any time.
  • You’ll still receive your quarterly newsletter.
  • And, most important of all … you will make it possible for Alley Cat Allies to both plan ahead for our regular grassroots activity—and turn on a dime to help when emergencies arise.

Join the Cat-alyst Society today! »


Selling your house?
Buying a new one?
Know someone who is?

Real EstateOur pet friendly supporter / Realtor, Bonnie Andrews, has extended a generous offer to FFF referrals! For every FFF referral that results in a finalized contract with her, she will DONATE 10% of her commission to FFF!

A win win situation for all....a dedicated, pet-friendly Realtor, to work with you to meet your needs, and. you can help our FFF Medical Fund that helps needy FFF fosters and community animals. You can contact Bonnie Andrews at:


Bonnie Andrews

Windermere Realty
Email : bonniedanes@windermere.com
Cell Phone: 510-478-8266


SOCKFIP Presentation
The SOCKFIP Executive Board met with Dr. Niels Pedersen in a holiday meeting to present him with a check for $11,000 to contribute to his promising ongoing research on F.I.P.


Dr. Pedersen updated the Board on his current ongoing research and his partnership with University...


P.S. Petunia, in her Santa cape, attended to give us a festive flair and feline approval. However, she was nonplussed with the picture taking, preferring to attend to the admirers off camera... always the diva .


Dr. Pedersen's UPDATE:

Dr. Pedersen believes that a vaccine for FIP is not possible. Husbandry practices that can reduce the incidence of the disease have been implemented by many catteries and shelters, but will only have a limited effect. Therefore, his laboratory has concentrated on identifying anti-viral drugs that may prolong life, or hopefully bring about a cure.


Collaborations have been underway with researchers at Kansas State University on testing the first generation of protease inhibitors. Protease inhibitors inhibit virus replication and are part of the drug cocktail currently used to treat HIV/AIDS.  Preliminary testing of first generation protease inhibitors with activity against FIP virus appear hopeful. Dr. Pedersen is also negotiating with a large pharmaceutical company and researchers at another University to help screen and test a number of compounds that show activity against related viruses that cause SARS and MERS in humans. The goal is to identify several safe and effective drugs that will attack the FIP virus by different mechanisms, mimicking the approach that has been so successful for HIV infection.


His research team will also continue to study the nature of FIP immunity and the mechanisms by which the FIP virus is able to evade a cat's defense mechanisms and cause disease. This latter research may identify additional targets for drug therapy.


For more info, please visit the SOCKFIP.org website.


F.F.F. Recognition...

We are humbled and honored to have received the Rescue Award from SimplyCatBreeds.org for recognition of our efforts to provide rescue services to needy "formerly friendless felines". We have shared their commendation below.

We at SimplyCatBreeds.org are pleased to present you with a Cat Rescue Award for excellence in helping needy cats who just need a warm home and some love. We take pride in acknowledging the best organizations around the country with our special award emblem, recognizing them for their outstanding work - Friends of the Formerly Friendless is absolutely an organization we place among those that need recognition.

Thank you for all the work you and your organization provides for cats in need. We know exactly how difficult and thankless a task it can be, so we hope this little token helps even a little bit.

While we are honored to have received this recognition, our work and story would not be possible without our dedicated and hard working, fosters, community support, compassionate veterinarians and excellent web master/website designer. We will display the award medallion proudly on our websites in recognition of all their efforts to help Friends of the Formerly Friendless in their Rescue mission.


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