"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France

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F.F.F. Programs and Services

On The Road

FRIENDS OF THE FORMERLY FRIENDLESS is embarking upon a new and unique part of its Mobile Adoptions Program (M.A.P.) ... HAVE CAT WILL TRAVEL.

This unique program expands the opportunities for adopters to meet and get acquainted with cats/kittens that they see on our websites and/or adoption site(s) in the privacy of their own homes. Since most of us these days live increasingly mobile lives, it made sense for FFF to become more mobile to provide opportunities to meet and get to know our "formerly friendless felines". What better place than in the prospective home where they might live!

This unique opportunity gives FFF and the prospective adopter the benefit of seeing the potential new, furry, family member in their "home environment".


Beginning May 17, 2010, FFF will begin making appointments for this new service by contacting SALLY at 925 808-8364 or friendsof@fffcatfriends.org.
A prior interview is required to mutually select the best match for the living situation, client's preferences and prospective cat/kittens' personality and needs. FFF will then bring up to two cats/kittens for selection and a "home visit" to the prospective home. Then a kitty "trial sleepover" is usually scheduled for 5-7 days, after which it will be determined by the client & FFF to proceed with adoption or to make another selection. All FFF cats/kittens are spayed/neutered, current on their vaccines and have been combo tested. All FFF cats/kittens on "trial sleepovers" will need to be kept inside ONLY for safety purposes. For the health of all, resident cats in the prospective homes will need to be current on vaccinations and tested also prior to the "trial sleepover".

If it is preferred, FFF can make an individual appointment at one of our "get acquainted" sites throughout the County. Cats/kittens selected at our "get acquainted" site(s) will then be scheduled for their "home visit" and "trial sleepover" by mutual agreement. Afternoon and evening appointments are available during the week by contacting SALLY.

If a larger selection of cats/kittens is requested, we would invite prospective adoptors to visit our SCHEDULED ADOPTION SITES/EVENTS listed on our websites. We will have "Meet and Meow" sites through out our County.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find that new, furry, feline family member(s) that melts your heart!

Hope to meet you soon.

Sally and Petunia

Short On Luck (S.O.L.)

Short On Luck

...is an emergency foster program for at risk cats and critters.

...working in cooperation with community rescue groups and Animal Services Departments.

A new phase of the Short on Luck Program was launched in January of 2004. The Safe Place component of the S. O. L. is being developed to provide a temporarily safe place for cats that are caught up in a domestic violence situation and/or at risk of violence from their environment. The concept is to provide a temporary sanctuary through a network of emergency foster homes.

We hope to work cooperatively with local law enforcement, Animal Services and battered women's organizations. If you would like to participate in this new and unique program, please contact us via our website or at (925) 808-8364.

If you would like to provide T.L.C. and shelter for a needy cat...Contact: Sally - (925) 808-8364 FriendsOf@fffcatfriends.org

will purr for food


LUCY'S' odyssey began sadly... being abandoned in a box in front of a vet's office with her front leg in a bandage, by her owner with a note that read "I can't care for her anymore".

Luckily before this uncaring vet could call the local Shelter to come pick her up, his office staff prevailed upon him to give them a few days to find someone to take her, knowing that with an injury and her advanced age, she probably would never make it out of the Shelter!

FFF received a frantic appeal to help through one of our fosters. How could we say no!? FFF scrambled to find an emergency foster for this tiny, disabled, senior Chihuahua, ...since we usually foster solely cats!?

Lucy at intakeLuckily, one of compassionate fosters offered to provide emergency foster services.! We decided to name her Lucy, after the compassionate vet employee that saved her from being summarily dumped at the local " Shelter".

Our FFF vet, Dr. Mike Evans, determined that her front leg, wrapped in a worn bandage, had been most likely broken in three places and had not been given any vet care for a quite some time!

Her shoulder had so atrophied that her leg was useless and made it hard for her to walk. Despite Dr. Evans excellence in orthopedic surgery, we made the sad decision that the damaged, disabled leg had to be removed!

LUCY handled it like a trooper!

Lucy healing!Her mobility improved and she slowly began to feel like she was wanted again.

LUCY was transferred to a transitional FFF foster home where she held her own with a group of bewildered foster cats who thought they were living with a rodent for the first few days! LUCY was probably half the size of even the youngest foster kitten! But though "she be small, she is mighty"! LUCY climbed right onto the couch with her feline fellow fosters and claimed her space!

She quickly became a favorite of the foster and her husband, who loved to carry her around and let her sit on his rather rotund stomach and watch TV!

One day an email arrived in the FFF mailbox from a senior woman looking for a companion cat for herself and her cat, Hugo as she was recently widowed. After a few moments, the FFF foster asked the woman if she had ever considered a small dog? Since she wanted a companion that would help her get out of the house and encourage her to overcome her anxiety and medical issues, a small dog might be the best, "cat" for the job!

Hugo, feline brotherLUCY was introduced to the senior lady, Pat, and it was love at first sight!

LUCY now lives with her cat brother, Hugo, who is still negotiating with LUCY for, "mom's lap time", but both are settling in.

LUCY's Mom keeps in touch with FFF and informed us that LUCY is now an official emotional support dog!

LUCY has already challenged her new Mom to walk around the full circle of the mobile home park where she lives! She now has her own little yard so she can read her "pee mail" if Mom isn't up to a full walk. Soon she will ride in her new booster seat as emotional support as her Mom gets back out into the world!

This is truly a magical match that was destined to be!

We wish little LUCY and her Mom a long, happy and adventurous life together! Her story is an inspiration to all of us ...and a poignant reminder of why we do what we do ...RESCUE, LOVE AND REHOME!

FFF wishes Lucy a long and happy New Beginning with her new Mom. It is New Beginnings like this that keep FFF hopeful and committed to finding wonderful new homes for all of our "Formerly Friendless Critters"...






If you would like to provide T.L.C. and shelter for a needy cat, or dog... Contact: Sally - (925) 808-8364 FriendsOf@fffcatfriends.org


Visitor(s) In Fur

Sally and Petunia

Sally, founder of F.F.F., with her cat, Petunia.

Petunia helps with humane education in schools and serves as a therapy kitty in the Visitor(s) In Fur Program

Petunia is also an official staff member, holding the title of cat liaison.

As any animal lover can attest to, the unconditional love that an animal can give provides a unique type of therapy and support that "modern medicine" is only just now learning. At its inception, F.F.F. has been committed to helping provide this type of unique therapy and support to those in need via our "therapy cat", Petunia. Petunia has been visiting home and hospital students, Alzheimer's homes, nursing homes, schools and preschools, FREE of charge as part of F.F.F.'s commitment to Community Service since the inception of F.F.F. in 2001.

If you know someone or a facility that could benefit from a "Visitor(s) in Fur", please contact us. We usually conduct a preliminary visit to plan for the best possible introduction experience. Our "visitor(s) in fur" are current on their vaccines, have been combo tested for feline AIDS and Leukemia, temperament tested, and have current flea control. They are not declawed.

Appointments for Petunia's visits can be booked through our VISITOR(S) IN FUR Program by contacting SALLY via phone at 925 808-8364 OR email sally@F.F.F.catfriends.org, type in VISITOR(S) IN FUR in the subject line. Please make sure that you leave a contact person's name and phone number.

F.F.F. is continuing to expand this Program by inducting more "visitor(s) in fur" ambassadors. You can meet our "ambassadors in training" periodically at our new mobile sites, to be listed on our websites.

Sally and Petunia

Lost and Found

lost cat



Please check our
Lost and Found



F. I. P.

The worst three letters a cat-lover could ever hear.

FRIENDS OF THE FORMERLY FRIENDLESS is proud and excited to be a founding member of the new S.O.C.K. FIP research project. S.O.C. K. is the acronym for Save Our Cats and Kittens. SOCKFIP is a group of cat-lovers, breeders, rescuers, shelters and vets working together to generate essential funding for FIP research at the UC Davis Center for Companion Animal Health. Virtually 100% fatal, FIP strikes 1 in 100 of all cats. We know that most cats acquire the FIP virus early in life, though actual disease signs may not occur until weeks, months or even years later.

Right now, there's no prevention and no cure for FIP. It's time to change all that - and it can be done! Through the very exciting and promising work at UC Davis, we hope to learn how to prevent FIP or find suitable treatments, and spare future generations of cats and cat-lovers this nightmare. Because very little government funding is available for companion animal studies, we are relying on the vast community of cat-lovers to help.


Today we share Dr. Pedersen's latest commentary on the FIP antiviral protease inhibitor field trial including a link to his most recent medical journal report. Please help FUND and FIND a cure for FIP by supporting UC Davis FIP research today. Your continued support is greatly needed to keep up the pace of progress, and YOU make a big difference! No amount is too small - please donate today to the Spring into Action Fund Raising Campaign. Together we are SOCKING it to FIP! Use pay pal link for credit cards or send a check payable to SOCK FIP - P.O. Box 602, Davis, CA. 95617.

Link to Full Preliminary Report



Payable to: SOCK FIP
Mail to: SOCK FIP
P.O. Box 602
Davis, CA 95617


If you would like to make a gift using your credit card,
please call UC Davis at (530) 752-7024.

For more info, please visit the SOCKFIP.org website.



  • Refer friends and family to SOCKFIP.ORG
  • Tell your Veteranarian about SOCKFIP.ORG
  • Distribute SOCKFIP brochures
  • Become a fan of SOCKFIP page on Facebook
  • Contribute to SOCKFIP
  • Ask your club to support F.I.P. Research through donations
  • Ask your employer to match funds to F.I.P. Research donations
  • Hold a fundraiser for F.I.P. Research




SOCKFIP Presentation

EXCITING NEWS... PETUNIA and I recently attended the SOCKFIP meeting to receive an update on the battle vs. FIP.


A promising new trial study is now underway at UC Davis Companion Health, to test the effectiveness of antiviral drug(s), that could stop FIP from replicating! The study is a two-year study of 40 selected cats with naturally occurring FIP. The study has begun, and we await, with great excitement and promise, the possibility of DEFEATING FIP...


FIP is the scourge of the 21st Century in the feline world of medicine. A victory against this disease would be a landmark breakthrough that would save and change the lives of countless cats and their families!


SOCKFIP Presentation

As well, a breakthrough in this field could translate to major knowledge and progress in human studies and other corona virus studies!


We fervently support Dr. Niels Pedersen and Dr. Brian Murphy in their quest to defeat one of the most insidious and complex viruses of our time!





Calling all cat lovers... Save the Date! Sunday NOVEMBER 6, 2016. UC Davis is hosting a Feline Forum - featuring two tracks. One for breeders and fanciers, and a second track for rescues and shelters. This will be held at Gladys Valley Hall at the UC Davis Vet School Campus in Davis, CA. A live webinair will also be available. Dr. Pedersen and nine other top feline researchers will be speaking in the day-long event. Here's a link to the roster of speakers and registration.
UC Davis 2016 Feline Forum


VISIT SOCKFIP for ongoing progress and updates on this, and other SOCKFIP News.






We are very grateful for your loyal support to 'Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (SOCK FIP) - funding for FIP Research at UC Davis. PLEASE REMEMBER SOCK FIP in your YEAR END GIFTING and MATCHING GIFT PROGRAMS WITH YOUR EMPLOYER I SOCK FIP is matching gift eligible - 501(c)(3) -#27-1523038.

FIP IS NOT A RARE DISEASE: One in 300 cats seen at veterinary institutions in the US die of FIP and hundreds of thousands of cats die globally each year. Dr. Niels Pedersen has devoted much of his renowned career to FIP research. He has published over 50 scientific papers and reviews on FIP alone. All this hard work is paying off, as great strides have been made in the past few years. There is· much to celebrate in 2015 as Dr. Pedersen nears one of the most important studies to date. SOCK FIP is extremely hopeful that Dr. Pedersen is on the path to frontier the first effective and proven treatment specifically for Feline Infectious Peritonitis.
NEXT MONTH: Dr. Pedersen embarks upon one of the most important studies to date - a field trial commences in January 2016 with protease inhibitors that have proven great promise in the Pedersen lab in arresting FIP. Now it is time to prove efficacy in the field with natural FIP cases. Much arduous and difficult research· has taken place to get to this juncture. Yet there are still more milestones and sizable costs related to proving and clearing a drug treatment for market. If the field trails correlate efficacy, the compounds will then progress to a rigorous and very expensive drug approval process.
Your continued support is needed to ensure there is funding to move this process along, until FIP is eradicated. No amount is too small. FIGHT FIP TO THE FINISH!

Goodbye Nemo, Fair Winds and Following Seas...

Saying goodbye to beloved Nemo.
Lost to wet FIP 1/16/16.

Together we will SOCK IT TO FIP!


Please make your check payable to: SOCK FIP and send it to:
P.O. Box602
Davis, CA. 95617


Donate with your Credit Card (Amex, Visa, Mastercard) via PAY PAL – on the SOCKFIP.org website, URL: http://www.sockfip.org/donations and click "Donate" Pay Pal link.


Click the Donate button above to donate directly to

FFF via Paypal.
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